A journey that begins with great experience and continues to grow the next connected generation at Omnicom

Welcome to Accelerate

16 months
£ A competitive salary package
5 opportunities to discover the perfect role
4 participants
1 all expenses paid trip to NYC

The award winning marketing & communications graduate programme from Omnicom…

“Working across lots of different agencies, in different roles, with different clients, you learn so much about the industry as well as yourself! It gave me the chance to work on global brand challenges for healthcare clients where there’s a real patient need, the impact you can make so early on in your career is incredible.”

Victoria Clark
Planner, TBWA/Paling Walters

“An opportunity like no other … to truly understand what excites you, where you skills are best suited and what makes your tick before hitting the ground running in an agency of your choosing that recognises the training and unique point of view Accelerate gives you.”

Katie Matthews
Project Director, Flamingo

“You might feel out of your depth and like you’re completely winging it, and often you are. But because of the reputation of the programme, everyone you encounter thinks you'll have something to say and that you’re capable. And that’s a great feeling.”

Dan Gavshon-Brady
Senior Strategist, Wolff Olins

How it Works

The Accelerate Premier Marketing Graduate programme gives you the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and gain invaluable experience at cutting-edge agencies – to help discover the role that’s right for you.


If you have a genuine passion for marketing and have the determination to become the best in your field then we want to make you part of our team.

Accelerate is a marketing graduate programme unlike any other – you will have a fast-paced, high-intensity introduction to the world of brand, communications and marketing, with an opportunity to work within some of Omnicom’s award-winning agencies.

We work with thousands of world leading brands in a variety of fields and you will get the chance to help launch, develop and promote our clients and gain unique hands-on experience with expert teams.

Accelerate will train you as you work to give you the skills and personal development necessary to get ahead in marketing. Whilst participating on the programme, you’ll receive a premier salary of £28,000.

Every few months you will move between top agencies, with opportunities to work as part of some of the best teams in the business. We even send you to New York to meet senior people in our agencies to discuss a project idea that you present back at the end of the programme.

You don’t need you to have studied marketing at university; all we require is a 2:1 degree or higher, in any field. We are looking for the enthusiasm and raw talent that will make you a part of the exceptional Omnicom family.

Who we are

Omnicom is one of the world’s leading advertising, brand, marketing and communications networks – the guardians of over 1,500 category defining agencies around the world. We have over 700 offices in more than 60 countries worldwide, with over 75,000 employees working on over 5,000 brand challenges.

There are five networks that exist within Omnicom: DDB, TBWA, BBDO, Omnicom Media Group & Diversified Agency Services (DAS).

The DAS Group of Companies is a global group of marketing services companies. DAS serves international, regional, national and local clients through more than 700 offices in 71 countries.

Accelerate is the DAS graduate programme. We specialise in brand, marketing and communications services. There are over 30 different disciplines within DAS, including PR, branding, healthcare services, insight & research & digital, to name just a few.

“If you want to work in marketing, the DAS scheme is totally unrivalled because of the exposure it gives you across the marketing spectrum, with each agency offering a new challenge. You are given genuine responsibility and clients want to hear what you have to say. Oh, and let’s not forget the international travel opportunities!”

Rosie Leigh
Senior Account Executive, Hall & Partners

“I often look back at Accelerate and can’t help but think that, without it, the likelihood that I’d have moved to Singapore with Flamingo so soon in my career would have been much slimmer. The scheme serves as a strong tailwind.”

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
Project Director, Flamingo

The Recruitment Journey

We are looking for creative, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about brands and marketing. We are interested in those of you who have a genuine interest in business and the role that marketing plays.

We do not specify any degree discipline at all, it is about you as people that we are most interested in. Past graduates have come from a range of degrees from Classical studies to Anthropology, Ethnography to Journalism and the Arts.

The only thing we require is academic excellence: at least a 2:1. For that we pay a premier salary of £28,000.


We ask all applicants to:

  • Submit a copy of their CV along with a one-page covering letter, letting us know why we should invite you to one of our open days.
  • Produce a 500 word brand essay entitled “A brand that I think needs a makeover & how I would do it” We look for accuracy, passion and potential. We will contact everyone we wish to meet within two weeks of the application deadline (midnight on 2nd January).


Our Open Days will be held on the 7 February 2018. Selected applicants will spend a day with us learning more about the industry, the roles available, and the programme itself. You will also have an interview. Senior members of our team and current & past graduates will be there to answer your questions.

We select around 20 candidates to take through to the Selection phase.


Our Selection Day for the 2017 intake will be held on 14 February 2018. During that day you will be asked to do a presentation and answer questions on your brand essay that you applied with. You will also take part in a group exercise.

If you’re successful at this stage, you will be sent online psychometric tests to complete ahead of your final interview.


Our final interview for the 2017 intake will be held on 22 February 2018. You will be contacted shortly after to be told whether you have been successful or not & we will provide one to one feedback via telephone, giving you detailed insights from the day.

We offer 4x graduate opportunities in each intake.

The first agency placement starts in September 2018 & the programme will end December 2019.

“It was amazing to feel so autonomous in each agency role, so early on in my career. I was empowered to work on pitches, run accounts and own client relationships. As a result, I was exposed to many incredibly inspiring people, mentored by senior agency folk and really felt like I understood each agency I worked at – so I could make an informed decision about my future at the end of it all.”

Aditi Arora
Innovation Consultant, C Space

Our Agencies


Associate Director & Accelerate Programme Leader


Talent Project Executive


Global President, Business Development & Client Relations
Accelerate Sponsor


DAS Chairman & CEO
Accelerate Sponsor

We are now CLOSED for applications for the 2018 graduate programme

How will I know my application has been received?
When is the deadline for applications?
When are your Open Days/Selection Days?
I’m a non-EU citizen without a work permit to work in the UK – will you accept my application?
I graduated over a year ago, can I still apply?
I have a 2:2 or below degree. Can I still apply?
I am unable to attend your Open/Selection Days – can I still apply?
Will you cover my expenses coming to Open and Selection Days?
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